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6 weeks to 18 months

Our infants are cared for in a welcoming, nurturing, and stimulating environment. We offer personalized schedules for feeding and rest times to ensure we are meeting the needs of each individual child. We support smooth transitions into the centre by fostering relationships with both parents and children and provide on-going communication with parents about their child daily. The children are engaged in a variety of meaningful activities that promotes a child’s individual learning and development. The room provides a wide variety of age-appropriate toys and materials that the children are able to manipulate, discover and interact with. Throughout the day the children are able to go outside and explore our playground or go on walks around the community, depending on their daily routine.

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18 months to 2.5 years

The Toddler classroom is engaging, inviting and active environment while incorporating a more consistent routine for the children. The program provides opportunities for children to be curious and active learners. Our space contains interesting and age-appropriate loose parts, open-ended materials and building textiles that encourages children to problem solve, be creative and explore their curiosities. We also have a loft in the room to add a dynamic area that gives the children a two-level area where they are able to practice stairs and turn-taking.

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Jr. Preschool

2.5 years to 3.5 years

The Jr Preschool room provides an environment that invites the children to explore, discover and create. Our program is based off the children’s interests and how we can expand their learning while keeping them engaged and inspired to know more. The classroom has a variety of natural and authentic open-ended materials, loose parts and real-world play. They have a do it yourself art studio where the children have access to materials that they are able to express their creativity. throughout the day the teachers will separate into smaller group sizes to enhance learning opportunities and create a more calming environment.

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2.5 years - 6 years

Our preschool room provides an enriched learning environment for the children to explore and discover with hands-on experiences. The program is designed to spark children’s natural curiosities, independence, and creativity. The preschool room values that the children are capable and competent and encourage children to be independent during mealtimes, washroom routines and daily tasks. Our loft has both stairs and a rope wall to encourage children’s varying development, along with a pully system to build teamwork and problem solve The classroom provides children with diverse authentic and natural open-ended materials that the children can choose from throughout the day. Our program will assist in problem-solving, creative thinking and innovating which are developing skills that are necessary for learning and success in school.

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All age groups

Our playground provides an active, natural and complex environment for children to explore daily. Each classroom has access to the playground for a minimum of 2 hours daily, we also encourage parents to provide multiple clothes for children as we enjoy going outside in different types of weather. We set up our playground to be inviting by setting up activities and materials to spark children’s play and inquiry. Our garden areas provide a place for children to connect to nature and take part in helping plants grow. Both sides have a sandbox that includes a mud kitchen for the children to engage in experimenting and creating. They also have two climbing structures to build skills such as balance, turn taking and body awareness. Viewing the child as capable and competent we allow them to involve themselves in play that helps them be independent and builds critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We encourage the children to take risks by jumping off stumps balance on logs and climb on different surfaces while being there to support them if needed.

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”
– Sir Ranulph Fiennes

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A nutritious lunch and two snacks are provided daily. All food is prepared on-site in our own kitchen. Menus are posted on our parent board. Menus rotate weekly and items are changed seasonally. We accommodate most allergies and food preferences.

Outdoor/Activity Time

Children participate in a morning and afternoon outdoor time, weather permitting. Outdoor time combines opportunity for fresh air, gross motor activity and nature study. Off site visits to the park and neighbourhood walks are part of the programme.

Rest Time

Children enrolled in a licensed Child Care Centre are required to have a rest period of up to 2 hours daily. After one hour of rest they may participate in quiet activities.